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The plants of Hull

The concept of a "Millennium Audit" of the vegetation of the Hull area was conceived in the spring of 1998 as a way in which the Hull Natural History Society could make a useful and lasting contribution to the region. Other than a pilot feasibility study in 1997 (Middleton 1998), there had never been a systematic look at the city's plants. Even before the project was started it was realised that it would not be possible to complete a completely exhaustive survey. It was, however, thought that a "snapshot" of a rapidly changing situation would be of considerable use to future investigators.

Over the last fifteen years there has been considerable development within the city so we have decided to repeat the exercise to see whether there have been any matching changes in the distribution of plants. This web page will chart our progress

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Blue squares show where the species was found in the Millennium survey, a light brown overlay will be used for 2015 records. Grey squares indicate it was found in both.

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